Episode Two is Here: We Love Wes Craven!

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Well, we made it back to the world of podcasting last week, and spent about 2 hours giving a lot of love to Wes Craven! The films we discussed are:

  • Summer of Fear (1978)
  • Invitation to Hell (1984)
  • Chiller (1985)
  • Night Visions (1990)

There were a couple of expected hiccups, but I also had a cold, so please bear with me. I was out of it, but the heart was full of love, and Nate and Dan were great! Hope you enjoy!

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Next up is a creepy double feature: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (1973), and Crawlspace (1972).

Episode One! Our Fave Made for Television Movies!

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Our premiere episode is here! Yay. Dan, Nate and I talk about our top three favorite made for television movies. Enjoy!

PS: Was just notified that this link was not working. If there are still issues with it, please leave a comment or contact me at amanda@madefortvmayhem.com! Thanks for your patience while I learn new things!