Episode 4! The Midnight Hour and Small Screen Scares!

Screen shot 2015-10-29 at 5.25.42 PMWe recorded it last night, and I uploaded it today! I just wanted to make sure we got our very special All Hallows’ Eve episode up in time for, you know, Halloween. Hope you enjoy! It should be on iTunes shortly!

What you can expect:

  • A lot of love for The Midnight Hour
  • Lots of TV spot promo clips for scary small screen movies (and a few big screen ones as well)
  • My sniffly nose
  • Dan being awesome

Next on the chopping block is Bad Ronald and Through Naked Eyes. You can buy Ronald at Warner Archives and Naked Eyes is currently streaming on Amazon! Watch along with us! And feel free to leave feedback about any of our episodes, or about Mr. Ronald himself by either leaving a comment here, or contacting us on facebook, or twitter, or emailing us at TVMPodcast@gmail.com!


2 responses to “Episode 4! The Midnight Hour and Small Screen Scares!

  1. Okay, that was a ton of fun! Love the horror movie promos, and also the Friday the 13th: The Series promo I heard mixed in there (I think).

    And love that there is love for not only TV horror, but Jason Lives, one of my favorite Friday films, since it is just a ton of fun. I also want to agree with Amanda, I prefer the Lance Guest Lives ending of Halloween II, always hoping it will be the ending AMC airs during FearFest, but usually not.

    The Midnight Hour is one I have heard of twice this past season. I don’t recall watching when it aired originally, but I might have. I do want to check it out.

    From the previous podcast, I looked up Crawlspace on Amazon and the DVD is priced out of my range now, but it is on YouTube. Added it to watch, maybe tonight. Your talk about it really intrigued me.

    Thanks again for doing this. I am enjoying your chats and the retro TV trivia and info. No one I know was as hooked on TV then as I was, so I have few to share this plethora of little old 70s and 80s TV tidbits with. You guys hit it just right. 🙂


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