Coming up! A Voyeuristic Double Bill: Bad Ronald and Through Naked Eyes

Screen shot 2015-11-08 at 4.16.25 PM

Our next podcast is quickly approaching. We will be recording next week, in fact! And, we’ve scheduled a crazy twofer that backs the claim, I like to watch! The cult classic, Bad Ronald (1974) will be first up, and then we’ll hit the semi-obscure Through Naked Eyes (1983), which stars Pam Dawber and David “the eyes are the windows to the” Soul (that was a lame attempt at a joke, in case you didn’t catch it), which I’ve wanted to revisit for some time.

Would you like to watch, er, play along? Bad Ronald is available through Warner Archives and you can get down and dirty with Through Naked Eyes on Amazon Instant Video!

Have any thoughts you’d like to share? Leave a comment here, email us at, or let us know either on Twitter or Facebook! We’re recording on Monday the 16th, so please let us know by the 15th, if you are so inclined to participate. We’d love to hear from you!

One response to “Coming up! A Voyeuristic Double Bill: Bad Ronald and Through Naked Eyes

  1. Awesome! I just received an email from with a Fall discount code. When I checked their site, Bad Ronald was discounted so this made the deal even better. I will FINALLY get to see this flick and will enjoy this podcast episode even more. Can’t wait!


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