Episode 5 is Here! Bad Ronald and Through Naked Eyes!


This is how I spend my Saturday night: editing our newest episode for your eager ears! Trust me, my other option was homework!

This episode we take on the classic 1974 ABC Movie of the Week Bad Ronald and the semi-obscure 1983 thriller Through Naked Eyes from 1983. Nate made it to the halfway point of this epic chatfest, but had to go before he talk about Pam Dawber’s hair!

We’re still scheduling our next episode, so keep your eyes peeled to this space for info. For now: just enjoy the latest!

UPDATE: This episode is now up on iTunes!

3 responses to “Episode 5 is Here! Bad Ronald and Through Naked Eyes!

  1. Wow, really enjoyed this episode. Please don’t apologize for all of your tangents (especially when they involve Manimal!), as they are ripe with recommended viewing. I’d request that you list all of the related titles mentioned during the podcasts, but that would be pretty overwhelming. I’ve written a few down, and managed to watch The Five of Me for the first time, and This House Possessed for the first time since it originally aired. I was so excited when you mentioned that Parker Stevenson gem. It was a movie I remembered fondly, especially his singing act and that shower scene, but hadn’t taken the time to revisit. This podcast is so amazing, and is a great celebration of when TV movies were big events that you looked forward to all week. Looking forward to more episodes.


    • Hi Janel,

      Thank you so much for this lovely comment. I’m so glad you are enjoying the podcast and checking out new movies and revisiting others (and it’s always nice to meet another This House Possessed fan!). It was so kind of you to take the time to leave a comment, and is so appreciated. Also, I’ll figure out how to get a somewhat non-overwhelming list going… somehow… someday… 😉

      Take care!


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