Christmas Episode 1 is ALIVE!

It’s here! Check out part one of our look at holiday telefilms. We brought along Christmas television expert Joanna Wilson for our retrospective on small screen family dysfunction in Home for the Holidays (1972) and A Very Brady Christmas (1988), and ask the burning question:

Wally or Phillip?


Update: Here is the iTunes link too!

2 responses to “Christmas Episode 1 is ALIVE!

  1. I’m about a year and a half late, but I just listened to this fun discussion. Wow, you are all much kinder toward A Very Brady Christmas than I would be. I thought the writing was very clunky — especially all the awkward exposition at the beginning.

    My favorite line in the movie belongs to Jan. It’s very unBrady-like in its sarcasm, but Eve Plumb delivers it perfectly: “Did you think there was a blanket fairy?”


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