UP Next: Summer Roundtable 1! Name Your Favorite TVM Actor

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So, we’re flipping the small screen script one more time at the Made for TV Mayhem Show and we’ll be discussing topics instead of movies for the next two or so podcasts. For this first very special episode, Nate, Dan and I will each pick one TV movie actor that we love. We’re keeping our choices a secret for now, and would love to hear your thoughts on who makes you giggle or raises the bar when they take up a little celluloid on your television. Comment here, or check out our Contact Us page for more options.

We’ll be recording around June 13th or so, and would love to hear from you by the 12th! See you soon!


Episode 12: The Night Stalker and The Norliss Tapes!

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We’re back, and checking out some scary dudes of the small screen. This episode covers the classic ABC Movie of the Week, The Night Stalker (1972) and its similar but different NBC companion The Norliss Tapes (1973). Creepy good times had by all.

Also, this is a very special episode dedicated to a few people who recently passed on from Dan’s life. So, send him love and think good thoughts for him when you are listening.

Episode 12 of the Made for TV Mayhem Show is dedicated to:

A.V. Christie
Lobo (the cat)
Julia “JuJu” Fattibene

Dan has also been featured on a couple of other podcasts lately and you can catch him here:

Pod Dylan Episode 11: You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere
Podcastmania: Vaughn vs. Big Danny B!

Also, our new feedback bumper was created by Shannon (aka Rustingwillpowr). Thank you, Shannon, we love it!

Coming up: We’re doing a special round table on our favorite small screen actors. Will post a date for recording when it’s all been figured out. For now, check out our Contact Us page if you want to let us know which actor (male) makes small screen films better for you (we’ll be talking actresses in the second round table)!

Up Next: Small Screen Monsters R Us!

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  Roy Thinnes gives good early podcasting


The Made for TV Mayhem Show will be returning this month with a celebration of more scary monsters of TV land. This time we’ll be hanging out with Carl Kolchak in his first TVM, The Night Stalker (1972) and the underrated chiller The Norliss Tapes (1973).

We’ll be recording May 17th, so if you’d like to discuss either of these two telefilms, or anything else TV movie related, we’d love for you to contact us!

We’ve been receiving an absolutely lovely response from listeners, so let me just add a big thank you before the crew and I go off to fight vampires and stuff!

See you soon!