Up Next: We Love Shannen Doherty!

Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 8.56.37 PM

We’re gearing up to record our next episode, and as we announced, we’re dedicating this episode to our beautiful and talented Queen, Shannen Doherty. We’ll be discussing two later entry telefilms: Satan’s School for Girls (2000) and Another Day (2001), and Shannen’s overall contribution to the small screen movie. Very excited for this one.

We’re recording May 2nd, and we’d love feedback on these TVMS, or to know what your fave Shannen movies are, or, in general, any thoughts you have on her work as an actress! You can check out our contact page to see how best to reach us, and we look forward to hearing from you! Just send your feedback by May 1st!

We will also have a guest! Erik Threfall of The Hysteria Continues is a huge Beverly Hills, 90210 fan and we’re so excited to have him on board!

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