A Very Special Episode: Shades of Love and Ken Atchitiy!

Ken Atchity, the producer of Shades of Love

Welcome to a very special episode of Shades of Love. Amanda interviews Ken Atchity about his wonderful direct to video romance series Shades of Love. Then Amanda and Dan discuss two entries from the series, Echoes in Crimson and The Rose Cafe (both 1987). Ken was a wonderful guest and provides a lot of info about this great series where you will only want to speak of love. We do hope you enjoy!

Episode 53 is here! We love you Aaron Spelling!

Welcome back to episode 53, where all of our love is given to the amazing Aaron Spelling! Dan and Amanda are joined by Jon Larkin of Screaming Queenz to discuss The Old Man Who Cried Wolf (1970) and the Charlie’s Angels pilot telefilm (1976). We had a blast, and we hope you do too! Thank you for listening!

And if you’d like a little more of Amanda and Jon, you can listen to them talk about John Carpenter’s telefilm Someone’s Watching Me! (1987) on Screaming Queenz!

We’ll be recording again on September 16th. Info coming soon!