Episode 57: It’s a Glim Glim Christmas!

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It hasn’t even been a month, and we are back! We couldn’t let the holiday season pass by without inviting our great friend Joanna Wilson of Christmas TV History back for our annual yuletide episode! We spend a little time stuck behind a forcefield with a lovable (but deadly) alien named Glim Gilm, who was a part of the Monsters TV series. And we play the holiday movie game, which is always fun. So grab your eggnog and celebrate the season in style.

And a big thank you to everyone who stuck it out with us this  year. I know it hasn’t always been consistent, but, like everyone else in the year 2020, we’re doing our best. We appreciate all of you, and hope you have a wonderful end to a not-so-wonderful year! See you next year. It’s gonna look a lot like the 1970s-1990s for us!

Episode 56: Horror Western Telefilms

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We are back with a brand new episode, and it turned out to be one of those marathon recordings… Just like the olden days, which is a bit kismet since we’re going back to the Old West as we take a look at two surreal and fascinating Horror/Western hybrid TV movies, Black Noon (1971) and Into the Badlands (1991)! We are joined by a very special guest, James Newton, who helps Dan and Amanda dissect Frontier living. (Spoiler: Life was difficult!)

James, a podcaster, filmmaker and writer, is someone worth checking out. Please follow his social media on Twitter at @JamesEdNewton, visit his website and make sure you give his excellent podcast Newton Talks a listen. You can also watch some of James’ amazing films on his YouTube page (might I suggest you start with Grace?). And, you can check out the trailer for Black Lizard Tales, which is currently playing fests, and see his latest short Man/Rabid as well!

We had so much fun talking with him about these haunting little films, and we hope you enjoy listening. Thank you again! We’ll be back very soon with a holiday episode. Joanna Wilson of Christmas TV History is back and ready to play our annual holiday game. We’re also discussing the strange and melancholic Christmas themed Monsters episode Glim Glim. See you soon!

Watch Grace below: