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Meet Your Podcasters:

Screen shot 2015-08-20 at 5.31.59 PMAmanda Reyes: Amanda is a lifelong lover of television and made for TV movies. She is also obsessed with horror movies and most of her published writing revolves around the subject of slasher films. Her work has been seen on Film Threat, and Retro Slashers, among others, and she was a staff writer for the magazine Sirens of Cinema. Her essay on Prom Night was featured in the book Butcher Knives and Body Counts, and her undergrad thesis paper was also on good old PN, as well as He Knows You’re Alone. In short, she goes in deep.

However, it is her blog, Made for TV Mayhem that gets most of her love, and gives her a good excuse to watch (and rewatch) Parker Stevenson movies. She is also a seasoned “guest” podcaster, and has appeared on Axe to Grind (hosted by our Special Guest Star Nathan Johnson), Movies About Girls (where she also contributed several “Made for TV Mayhem Minute” segments), as well as the currently running Podcastmania. Oh yeah, and she’s an avid soap fan who splits her time between General Hospital and The Young and the Restless…

As the legend goes, on dark and lonely nights, you can still hear her haunting cries over the cancellation of One Life to Live.


Screen shot 2015-08-25 at 5.04.38 PMDaniel R. Budnik: Dan is a writer who is enamored of all things TV movie-related (and, in fact, all things TV-related). He has spent much of his life writing fiction. Lots of fiction. Most of the last ten years have been spent writing reviews of assorted things, including many, many horror movies. From 2007-2014, he wrote for the website Bleeding Skull!. In 2013, he co-wrote a companion book entitled Bleeding Skull!: A 1980s Trash-Horror Odyssey. It is fantastic. You should get a copy.

He lives in Los Angeles, CA. He is married to a beautiful woman named Madelynn who is a wonderful actress. They have two dogs, Crumpet and George. They also have a black cat named Lobo. Dan is currently at work on another book about action movies. He has a blog filled with writing and good times called Some Polish American Guy Reviews Things. He can be found on Twitter at @dannyslacks1.


Screen shot 2016-01-05 at 11.32.05 AMNathan Johnson: Nathan is, without a doubt, one of the biggest fans of the slasher genre in the world. And perhaps even the universe. He is also a wonderful supporter of classic TV movies, especially horror (imagine that) and flashy melodrama, and probably likes a film that much better if the hair is mullet-y and oh-so-80s.

Nate is also the co-host of the excellent slasher-centric podcast The Hysteria Continues, and he can be heard on several DVD/Blu-Ray commentary tracks for horror movies released by Vinegar Syndrome. He is also a budding horror filmmaker, dabbling as a teenager in home made mayhem, and most recently, he co-wrote and co-directed the scary feature film The Night Before Easter. He’s into it, man!

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