TV Movie Game Show Mania Minisode…1

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Yay! The Made for TV Mayhem Show is back, and there’s lots of hijinks and hilarity to be had. This is a quick and fun minisode where we play made up TV movie games, which we all hope you will enjoy.

The next episode will be coming along in the next month, and we’ll be back to our old selves with another roundtable. This time we will be discussing our favorite TV movie actresses. Want to send along the name of the small screen lady you love most? Contact us and let us know!


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2 responses to “TV Movie Game Show Mania Minisode…1

  1. I would love to hear podcasts dedicated to romantic TV movies and TV Movie comedies. It would also be great to dedicate an episode to all the TV movies done by Mary Tyler MooreRhoda alumni. I watched TV movies from around 1974 until 1983.


  2. Great podcast, had to mention, as a vintage game show fanatic, a couple of things:

    1. That theme was also used on an early Alex Trebek hidden classic, Double Dare.
    2. The cards on Card Sharks were always big; they were made by the US Playing Card Company in Cincinnati, and they were stock cards with an extra layer of lamination, as they were mainly printed for magicians.
    3. YouTube has a video on how they shuffle the cards on these shows, narrated by Jim Perry himself, from the original show, and a similar rack was used on other classics like Gambit, going back to the very early 70’s:

    I second the request for more info on romantic made-for-TV movies, of any era, as it’s one genre that I really don’t know of any titles…looking forward to the actresses podcast!


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